Minimae Questions

About Minimae

Does Minimae only sell products from other artists?

No. Minimae designs its own products under the same standards as the works it acquires from other artists. Maximum commitment to quality, aesthetics and originality. Art and design for everyone. We do not compete with our artists, we complement each other with them.

How do you choose the products that appear in Minimae?

For more than three years we have been traveling the world (literally) to find EXCELLENT works of art that fit all budgets.

What is your way of selecting works of art?

Once we have located an artist or craftsman who meets the Minimae requirements, we send them to our two artistic advisors. An art collector and gallery owner from the city of Valencia. They throw away 95% of the works we send them. Negotiating with the remaining 5% is up to Minimae.

What do Minimae Artists have in common?

The gift of good taste, an affordable price, artists with a tremendous desire to show the world what they know how to do, without the desire to become millionaires.

Can I buy the artwork featured on Minimae elsewhere?

It is possible that our own works are (Project Gutenberg by Minimae, Icons of industrial design...) although they are not distributed in many places and we sell the complete catalog only in Minimae. The works of other artists are unique to Minimae, therefore you cannot acquire them anywhere else. You can contact the Artists and buy directly from them, but they will never be Minimae's works because they are Unique Works.

If I buy works directly from the Artist, will they be cheaper?

No. Our commitment to them is to maintain the price they have in the market. What's more, if you make the purchase at Minimae it will be cheaper since our artists would send it to you from different parts of the world with the subsequent shipping costs and without framing.

So how do you make money?

We negotiate with artists a fair margin on the price they sell directly to their buyers.

Why do Minimae artists sell so cheap compared to other artists?

The art world, in addition to being subjective, is oversized. The artists that appear in Minimae are the result of a titanic search. When we find them we have the feeling of having stumbled upon a gold mine.

Are the works of Minimae artists revalued?

That is our commitment. We are convinced that many of them will multiply their numbers in the medium term. When this happens, MInimae will stop buying products from them. ART FOR EVERYONE, ALWAYS and not for a MINORITY

How can I stay up to date with the latest news at Minimae?

At Minimae we sell many unique works, that is, there is only one opportunity to buy them, so entering Minimae should be your first daily Internet query. In any case, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter . You will have privileged information about works of art and Minimae manufacturing products. Leave us your email

I know/am an artist who would be a perfect fit for Minimae.

FANTASTIC! Leave us a message at and we will be happy to value your work!

About orders

How much are the shipping costs?

Free on the Peninsula, including Portugal. regardless of how many works you buy. Magic? No. Fair art!

And I live outside the peninsula. Can I buy it?

Of course!. Here the shipping costs will cost you a little more. Just a little...

What is the deadline?

If you want free shipping it can take between 48/72 hours, although we often go ahead of time. Our Courier company does not deliver on weekends or holidays, so if you make deliveries on these days, it will not be counted until the next business day. Please note that we are based in Madrid, this means that if you are, for example, from Oviedo, some parties will not coincide.

If you live outside it will take a little longer, depending on the distance...

What is the delivery schedule?

The day after your order from 9 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the address you have indicated to us.

I'm never at home: any solution?

We offer you a lot of collection points throughout Spain where you can go to pick it up. Write to us at and we will tell you the ones closest to your home.

I live in Hong Kong, can I place an order?

Perfect! Take the opportunity to meet our artist Eden Some. It won't arrive in 2 days but of course you can do it! Contact us and we will tell you the approximate deadlines for the city where you live.

Can I place an order as a gift?

Clear. If you also want to include a message, we can do it for you. And don't worry: our orders never have an invoice attached. Write to us at

How can I modify or cancel an order?

Write to us at and we will assist you personally.

Can I return an order in poor condition?

Yeah. If it arrives in poor condition, contact us first through our email In the event of a defective product, shipping costs for exchanges or returns are our responsibility. Do not delay more than 14 days from receipt or purchase of the product. Beyond this period, we cannot accept returns.

What if I end up not liking it, or it's not what I expected or...?

We also give you your money back. Contact us and we will tell you how to send it to us, the best way, Correos España. This time, the cost is on your part :)

If I buy from outside Spain. Will I have to pay customs fees or other fees?

It depends on each country, each purchase volume... If you have any questions, we recommend that you contact the customs office in your city.

About payments

What is the form of payment?

Through your credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) or debit card (4B or 4B Maestro) cash on delivery, or using PayPal.

Is it safe to buy at

Absolutely sure.

My payment has failed, what can I do?

It's not normal but it can happen. Don't worry. Contact us and we will solve it