About minimae

Have you ever been attracted to buying a work of art but haven't been able to differentiate the dust from the chaff?

Do you have the feeling that modern art and crafts are not for you because you will never understand it?

Do you consider that current art is only for the rich?

If you could afford it, would you like to invest in art?

In this and much more related to art, design and crafts we can help you at Minimae.

Because? Because for more than three years we have been traveling the world hunting and capturing that art that is impossible to find: Good, affordable and with real possibilities of revaluation in the short and medium term.

We dare to say that your investment will be more than good and excellent if we compare it with what you see in many galleries at exorbitant prices. It will also be aesthetic : and here we ask you another question: why does current art have to be impossible to understand? In Minimae you will find works made for demanding eyes, not made for the current posture of art.

And finally, here you will find art and crafts for everyone. Although we are convinced that the works here will multiply their prices in the medium term, you will NEVER find works at exorbitant prices. We consider the artist a craftsman who lives to work but works to live, not to get rich. Someone normal with a special talent for aesthetics.