About us

Founder Minimae

Who is behind Minimae

Pepe Gómez Larraz, is the face of Minimae. Creator of Project Gutenberg by Minimae (complete books on a single page) and the other graphic design series (Industrial and architectural icons of the 20th century), he runs a portal "straddling" his own projects and those of other artists.

Embarking in the elitist world of art, he collaborates with two advisors who will guarantee the quality of the artists.

They supervise all the works that appear in Minimae,
working with scouts on all continents. The premise was clear: they had to find excellent works at a price suitable for all budgets, no matter where they came from or the hours they had to invest to achieve it...

You can see the result on our website. Artists, craftsmen and graphic designers from Lithuania, Hong Kong, Virginia, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid...and many others to come.

If you miss it, you lose.